Efficiency, quality and professionalism

Fast adaptation, customer adquisition, agile relationships with employers and consultants, efficient attention, quick response to possible incidents, market and social networking analysis, reports and dashboards ... We want to help your business become a point of reference in its sector, or maintain its status if it already is a point of reference.

  • Consulting

    Our consulting process will analyze and find the best solutions to whatever new challenges your company may be facing.

    Defining the cost effectiveness of your investment, a robust data model system and developing scalable solutions on the platform, as well as integration with other systems (SAP, Amazon Web Services).

  • Design and Development

    At Nubika, we understand that your business image with regard to employers, potential clients, partners and consultants must be effective, elegant and adapted to today’s needs.

    We will help you with the design process so that all parties involved have the tools they really need for their work, not just at the design level, but also with regard to functionality, agility and response.

  • Data Migration

    Data migration from various systems can cause a great impact in overall organization. We want to help you minimize this impact with a clean and transparent transition for both your employees as well as clients.

  • Integration

    Global connectivity. All systems must interact with one another, communicate, facilitate and speed up your company’s business processes.

    Salesforce integrates, in a simple and safe way, a vast number of system leaders in the market, from different sectors:

    • Servicio de integración con Docusing por Nubika
    • Servicio de integración con Intacct por Nubika
    • Servicio de integración con Conga Composer por Nubika
    • Servicio de integración con Microsoft por Nubika
    • Servicio de integración con SAP por Nubika
    • Servicio de integración con Amazon web services por Nubika
    • Servicio de integración con Google Apps for work por Nubika
  • Trainings

    As with all technological transformation, it is fundamental for users to be committed to a common goal. Our goal is for these users to get as much as possible out of the tools we implement.

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