The most innovative company in the world

By means of its ecosystem, Salesforce provides companies with the most advanced cloud platform in the world. We can help you by using the tools they offer you.

Management of sales processes, real time customer support, campaign launches for your products, as well as the best data analysis tools are now all at your fingertips.

Important companies around the world have decided to put Salesforce at the heart of their operations. Try it for yourself!

Salesforce: Registered Consulting Partner por Nubika

Our Services in Salesforce

Check out how we can help you using the tools that Salesforce puts at our fingertips.

  • Sales Cloud

    Sales Cloud is the number one CRM in the world. You can manage accounts, contacts, leads and collaborate insantly from anywhere in the world, and more importantly, from any device.

  • Service Cloud

    Service Cloud allows you to transform customer service and will impress your clients with its speed and use of ease, using a mulit-channel system that lets you keep up with what is going on in your company at every moment.

  • Marketing Cloud

    Connect with your clients from any channel or device, combining data and behaviors to create a unique experience that will allow you to cement customer loyalty like never before.

  • Community Cloud

    Accelerate your sales channels, connect with your clients and consultants, transform your workplace and create all types of communities with Community Cloud, the platform for business communities.

  • Wave Analytics

    Welcome to the Big Data era. Explore and analyze all of your company’s information, obtain immediate responses and collaborate with your team. All of this at a speed that no other data analytics system can offer.

  • App Cloud

    App Cloud services can help you create any type of application, adapting the platform to your business processes, connecting everything and serving as inspiration for everyone.

  • IoT

    The “Internet of Things” is the future, and the IoT Cloud is a platform designed to store, process and manage all your information. This platform is driven by Thunder, a mass events processing engine, scalable in real time.

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