Who we are


We are a technological consulting company who specializes in the Salesforce platform and its ecosystem of Force.com based applications.

We are characterized by our professionalism and by our experience, which we have obtained thanks to the passion with which we carry out our work. This passion is joined by innovative visión and meticulous attention to detail.

Our goal is to make your company a technological reference, adapting it to whatever today’s challenges throw your way.

Salesforce: Registered Consulting Partner por Nubika

1/1/1 Model

Nubika has joined Salesforce in adopting the 1/1/1 model as part of our business culture.

1% Time: During the course of the year, our employees spend 1% of their time doing volunteer work.

1% Product: We donate 1% of our annual profits to non-profit organizations.

1% Profit: We use 1% of our total annual profits to help organizations committed to making the world a better place.

A foolproof work process

We base all of our work on a methodology that we’ve perfected thanks to ample experience.

1. Evaluation of client’s requirements

2. Planning and initiation of project

3. Set up, design and implementation

4. Pilot creation and validation with the client

5. User training

6. Ongoing improvement

Salesforce certifications

Our professionalism and experience is officially endorsed by Salesforce.

Our clients

Here are the businesses, both national and international, who trust in us.

  • Nuestro cliente Intrax
  • Nuestro cliente Cosentino
  • Nuestro cliente Cotecna

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